ULTRA CLACKER is built upon is our good ‘ol Clackerand is a fusion with our Holosphere 2120.The result? The combination of these two products creates a synergy greater than either one.Now, in one product you can do some very serious energy work.On the one hand, used as a Clacker, you can release energy blockages throughout the body and work on their past life connection to present conditions.The big difference is the depth of the application ( since you are utilizing the Holosphere 2120¹s graphics the Ultra Clacker is vastly accelerated to higher levels) .Of course it can also be used directly as the Holosphere 2120 with extra kick.

This product is excellent for:

  • releasing stress throughout the body
  • relieving pain
  • applying color and sound therapies
  • repairing aura damage
  • and much, much more!