• Deep energy intensive balancing
  • Relieve stress & pain
  • Realigns spinal energy flow
  • Releases chronic energy states
  • Work on self & others
  • Energy booster for Harmony Board
  • Approx. 10″ X 10″
  • Easy to use
  • For use on self & others

The original SPACEBOARD, nicknamed the “CLACKING BOARD” is based upon a vision of an ancient inscribed stone symbol.It helps locate blockages of energy in your subject & break them up by ³ tapping them out ³ with a small wooden hammer and stick. Each strike breaks up the blockages of energy in that part of the body.Now for the really interesting part….. After doing this for some time, I began to see mental images at the moment of striking….The images appeared to be from different time periods. I discovered that these were ancient cellular memories waiting for release! Imagine having a tool capable of releasing powerful, ancient emotional events stored at the cellular level. The SPACEBOARD is something anyone can learn to use and enjoy in minutes!  You can learn to use it on your friends as well as on yourself…. Instructions and reference materials included.