It contains the same interior archetype template (design) sealed between two acrylic disks.We¹ve applied some very advanced archetype graphics for the front and back of the disk, enhancing its energy significantly. Just like the Tetrads, TETRADISK is a hand held crystal energy booster.It re-energize all crystalline materials which are placed on its surface.If you have any tired or pooped out crystals lying about, place them on a TETRADISK for a few minutes to fire them up.Remember, inside is a design or hyperspace archetype which which creates a positive energy waveform, energizing the crystal¹s matrix.Place your food and water on a TETRAD to energize it. Does it taste better? Increase your buying power & place your cash/checkbook on a TETRAD! Don¹t worry, TETRADISKS work equally well on both sides…..