The SG2012 hails from ancient stone technology, remains of which have been found in Stonehenge, the Pyramids of Egypt, China & Mexico, as well as an endless numbers of global stone obelisks and ruins.Adepts of sacred geometry and planetary divination used this technology to tap into the very forces of nature itself.Ancient voices now call to us, speaking in a singular voice. A voice ringing of absolute divine truth. Its message is clear: bring back sanity to a world on the brink of of its greatest evolutionary challenge.Work with the forces of nature as a partner not a conqueror.It was at this this state of awareness that the STARGATE 2012 was born.The SG2012 is an eight sided carved stone plate attached to a high vibration al wooden base, with the original Merlynboard design sealed between the two.The stone is called bluestone, the same type stone which is found in the megalithic structure of Stonehenge, England.The stone with its engravings enables the SG2012 to create a totally balanced fire energy field.Female fire energy (or Reiki energy) flows around the board at all times. Male fire energy flows from its center and corners.The engraved triangle is based on the sacred golden mean and is a Chi hot spot of theSG2012. (Chi is the universal life force itself, found in all living things)The outer engraved symbols are a modified I-Ching layout and help the SG2012 to link the planetary grid system with your meridian system on the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual levels.The SG2012 rebalances the delicate relationship between the planetary energy grid and your body’s meridians effortlessly. Balancing and reintegrating the body’s meridians is easier.Geopathic stresses disappear.Healing therapies are significantly accelerated. To keep things in perspective, the Merlynboard is for planetary energy work. The SG2012 is for galactic energy work.


Written requests: Place written requests on the SG2012 along with a witness. Place one or more transducers on top of the transducer which is at the top of the board.

Using numbers: Place a number or series of numbers, as described in my book, Numeronics, to create your desired intention. Follow the above procedure.

Chakra work: Place your hands on the SG2012  while mentally asking each chakra what speed it needs to accelerate to for peak efficiency. When you reach that speed, mentally say “LOCK!”Go up the entire chakra system, one by one, and LOCK each chakra at this higher vibration al rate.Be prepared to feel very dizzy when you finish at the crown chakra. When you do this exercise include the Earth Chakra , Thymus Chakra, and Oversoul Chakra.

Grid work: Repolarizing 101 Place the SG2012 in a N / S direction with a photo of your house upon it to reestablish the polarity of the house’s domain in reference to the earth’s grid.Place a picture of yourself upon the board and place the board in a N/S direction to repolarize you.It is great for persons who have just moved into a questionable habitat.

The SSG2012 can also be used to project different vibration al rates to heal a piece of land of any geopathics or noxious rays.You can also use the SG2012 for personal healing, by placing a polaroid photo on the top of the transducer, or place the board beneath the chair the subject is sitting on.