­STARGAZER- Mk2You’re going to be pleasantly surprised with this little tool. Stargazer is a very simple and powerful energy transmitter. You can transmit to anyone, anywhere, anytime. And it’s easy to use too!
First, you’ll notice that there are two separate sections on Stargazer. One is called INPUT(right side). The left side has two concentric circle loops. These are the two “dial in” banks for entering the vibrational rate.

HOW TO USE:1..Place a witness(who you want to send energy to) on the input window. A good witness is a polaroid picture or hair sample. Polaroid’s contain the complete energy makeup of an individual- just don’t “contaminate” the picture by accidentally touching the photo emulsion. Press the red dot in the oval and drag your finger to the green dot. Its turned on.2. Place what you want to transmit to your witness in the top concentric circle loop. This can be a written request, an actual sample, a numerical frequency rate etc… If you have placed a numerical rate, for example, you may wish to either increase or decrease its intensity. This can be done by placing a “reagent” with the witness. A reagent can be anything: colored glass, gel, crystals, pictures, etc. You will have to dowse to determine which one is appropriate for your situation. Press the red dot at the top of the box and drag to the green dot.(sound familiar?) Now this section is on.
At this point you can dowse on the stickplate area to determine how long you are to leave the Stargazer running.
That’s it. You’re off and running. When you’re done, be sure to press the red dot in the disk and input boxes. That turns them off. Be sure to store your witnesses in a safe place, particularly if you are going to use them again. There is no need to contaminate them.
For example, if your mother has a headache, place her picture on “input” and place a piece of aspirin on “disk. Turn them on. The headache will soon disappear. Cool, huh?
Now a little about the stickplate. The stickplate is an excellent surface to dowse from to gain information regarding what to place on the Disk area and also to divine how long to transmit to others.
Stickplate dowsing is what I predominantly use when asking questions.  It is probably the simplest to learn, requires no equipment of any kind and can be done any where at any time.     What you need is a slick or semi-slick surface, like plastic. (That’s why the stickplate is ideal in this case).  I’ve even used a credit card.  The texture of the surface should feel like the top of your fingernails.  In fact, you can use your fingernails as a stickplate!  How’s that for simple!  Now, what you are going to be doing is asking questions mentally.  You might at first start asking your questions aloud,  but you will find that the process will go faster when you do it mentally. The questions you ask need to be yes/no type questions only.  The most important thing here is that NOT ONLY ARE YOU CLEAR ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE ASKING, BUT ALSO HOW YOU ARE ASKING THE QUESTION.

The backside of the Stargazer has two identical images: the Eye of Kanaloa. The Name In the mythology of old Hawaii, Kanaloa was the god of the ocean, a healer god, and the close companion of Kane, the god of creation. They would journey together, share the sacred drink of ‘awa, and use their staves to strike the ground and cause springs of fresh water to burst forth. Rare statues of Kanaloa feature him with round eyes, unlike those of any other representations of the gods. According to a Kauai tradition, if you could look into the eye of Kanaloa you would see the pattern above . In the Hawaiian language, “kanaloa” is also used as a word that means “a sea shell; the young stage of a certain fish; an alternate name for Kaho’olawe Island; and secure, firm, immovable, established, unconquerable.” A root translation of the word, ka-na-loa, means “the great peace, or the great stillness.” The word also has the connotation of total confidence. In the esoteric tradition of Huna Kupua, Kanaloa rep
Want to clear or charge your food etc.? Place it on either image of the Eye of Kanaloa. Also, in case you were wondering, why are there two? Okay, there are two windows on the case. But esoterically the two Eyes of Kanoloa help to balance the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. These are often referred to as Hu and Na or HuNa for short.
The Hawaiian word for the harmonizing of the masculine (Divine Masculine)  is HU.  The Hawaiian word for the Divine feminine which is universal energy (which brings light into our lives) is NA. Together they form the word HUNA, the combining of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Alternative names for these are Divine Masculine=  Metatron, Divine Feminine=  Shekinah.  Huna means “secret” or “hidden wisdom”. This teaches people how to get in touch with their life-force energy, how to move it, and how to understand their connection with the environment and with others. In the Huna tradition,