Over the past years, both U.S. and Russian scientists have discovered an invisible, geometric, grid like pattern of energy circling the planet.

Nicknamed the earth grid, it forms a web of energy about the Earth, supplying the planet with vital energy for keeping it healthy. Sometimes the grid becomes unstable due to natural as well as unnatural (manmade) causes. When this happens, phenomena like noxious vortexes, ley lines, stress lines, waterlines and such become over-energized negatively affecting both man and his environment.

Due to the Earth¹s present shape, these conditions are only going to increase in intensity. Prolonged exposure to these imbalances can contribute to disease, nervousness, headaches, fatigue, and insomnia just to name a few. Because of the need of the times, GridMaster was created.The GridMaster is a portable, handheld energy plate which is used to clear imbalances of the earth¹s energy grid. It creates two intensely spinning vortexes of white light which counteract the negative effects of the unstable Earth grid. Pressing either of the two designs on the card with your finger activates the GridMaster¹s energy and corrects any imbalanced grids in your immediate area, via these spinning vortexes of white light.If you have a friend who is in need of help, but they live faraway, place the GridMaster card on their picture ( if no picture is available, use a piece of their hair).

This will transmits its beneficial effects to your friend in need. Orally directing sound at the GridMaster will supercharge its output.Have a friend lie down and place a GridMaster on them, while directing sound at the card. This will clear their meridians and significantly charge their energy system! If you know of a specific place in your home that has “bad energy”, place the GridMaster at this spot to balance it out.