COBRA is a specially developed Cosmo Board for individuals who are dealing with entities, especially the gray alien types.It is designed to aid in the removal of different types of implants, primarily those of non-Earth origin.The following is a description how to use COBRA. It is used in the same fashion as our Cosmo Board. The Harmony Board was the first step in restoring all crystalline species to a balanced state upon the planet. It represented the beginning of the complete integration of all crystalline species with the fully restored energy grid of planet Earth.

As all life forms become more aligned with their Divinity it has become necessary to assist this process by selectively clearing specific energy blockages, especially implants. This is why COBRA was created. There has been a significant increase of gray activity as of late and we have received many requests for energy tools to help deal with these crafty little fellows. COBRA breaks up implants by using selected Hertzian frequencies (sound) which are entered on the keypad.


*Note: Slight variances in design may occur as this product evolves in energy consciousness and design.