The Cosmic Heart Connection

From extensive EKG data, it seems that the average frequency ratio of the heart is 1.618, which is known as the GOLDEN MEAN.

It is also important to know that this 1.1618 GOLDEN MEAN ratio is also the ratio of the DNA structure and is the only numerical ratio that allows information to move down the DNA without losing power or geometry. The mind / brain can learn to tune into this heart frequency as long as it knows the proper access codes. When the mind / brain learns to stay tuned to this frequency, the balanced energies are able to flow up and down the body reach a new level of operating efficiency. This higher efficiency adds MENTAL CLARITY, and a SENSE OF WELL BEING PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY, MENTALLY, AND SPIRITUALLY. When a lack of communication exists between the mind / brain and heart, there is stress and a lack of well being. This is where the BIOGENE 3120 can help…. Completely reworked and improved, BIOGENE 3120 is a hand held energy tool for creating the proper “access codes” for enabling the mind / brain to tune into your heart¹s frequency or vibration. Its unique ferric oxide mobius coil helps activate more active sites on the DNA strands in your body, enabling more energy to flow through these delicate, microscopic DNA. The Biogene 3120 is running at 28% higher energy efficiency than its predecessors when you hold it in your hand. When you mentally tell it to “turn on” it really makes that heart/mind connection happen!