Fine Art Reproduction

8×10 – $175

If you have a picture that you would like to have reproduced and converted into fine art (geclee) we can do that for you.

Art reproduction is printed on archival quality canvas or fine art paper. The print is then sealed in a varnish protective layer, stretched and mounted in a suitable frame.

Larger sizes available upon request.


Phone: (281) 498-6183


T-Shirt Art – $25

Our custom T-shirt service works several different ways.

1.If you see one of our pictures, but like a different color background(for example) we’ll change it around for you! In fact, we often make changes to small details in our pictures to suit your individual tastes.

2 .Let us put your favorite picture on a T-shirt for you.

3. Don’t see or have what you like? We’ll be happy to design something for you! (this will cost a little more- so contact us if you want us to design a shirt for you)



Phone: (281) 498-6326