NUMERONICS:  This system is simple enough for the beginner as well as for the advanced student.Taught by Rick Ferguson, author of Numeronics:A Book About Manifestation, this class will include information on how to get started using the Numeronics system, as well as, more advanced applications not previously released to date. So if you are interested in manifesting health, wealth, happiness, or your heart’s desire, this class might just be what you are looking for!Numeronics Imagine being given a magical genie who could grant you ALL your wishes.Whatever you ask for can and will be granted. Sound too good to be true? The Numeronics system does just this and much more. It uses numbers to create frequency patterns which assist in the creation of your every wish or intention.

CLACKING Past Life/Cellular Memory Release Clacking is a popular name given to a technique that’s been around for some time.Using nothing more than a small wooden hammer and stick on a picture of a skeleton, it is possible to locate and discharge blockages of energy in the body.Each and every blockage is the result of an intense emotional event from another life experience. This is cellular memory release! It doesn’t matter if you were hung, shot, burned, broke a leg etc.- the body remembers and stores the information in the boney skeleton waiting for further processing. If the site of the original event is not discharged /released, it causes the area to weaken and possibly have another ‘incident’ at the exact same location. You will be learning some new ‘dowsing’ skills in this class, one’s that you can take with you wherever you go…

ART OF SELF HEALING: Have youi ever taken a class and was “wowed and awed” by all the techniques and info, only to wonder why you took the class the next day because out of the class setting you couldn’t quite do “it” like you did in class? So you quietly put it on the mind’s back burner to deal with at some time in the future… and it’s still there…. yuk! Sound familiar? It’s not a bad thing, but it’s really bugged me why there’s so much useful info out there but not much “how to use it” support after or during class. The Art of Self Healing is designed to teach you through direct participation how to work and maintain a healthy vibrant energy body… This participation will be done in small groups and by yourself to help you gain confidence in your work. In a nutshell, you will be shown a technique then you do it, period. Over and over again. It’s practice, practice, practice. If you have been waiting for a class where you are practicing what you are taught in class, this class is for you.


NUTS AND BOLTS Our Nuts ‘N Bolts Training class is basic nuts and bolts stuff. Don’t let the name fool you. This class is all about teaching and training you to use everyday items to do powerful healing work on yourself and others. For beginners as well as experienced practitioners alike. You might say we’ll be using low tech materials to produce high tech results. Interested yet? Let’s face it, you want to start doing self heling but there’s always a REASON not to. Plus, everybody else seems to do it better than you. What you need is some good ol’ Nuts and Bolts training. Taught through direct participation, you work on yourself and fellow classmates/groups to help you gain confidence in your work. You are shown a technique, then you do it. Over and over again. Topics to be included:Create cubits from wood/wire for balancing the body and restoring harmony to a room,  Construct healing doodles/light codes , Use crystals and seashells for healing, Create microremedies from paper and water, Reset your spinal cord wavelength All materials will be provided.

DRUMMING: participation in drumming circle and activities

ARKANGEL GATHERINGS Full day gatherings that are totally transformational. Activities include ceremonial drumming while in Genesis Star Chamber, Aloha Ceremony, Song of the Soul, Group Healing and many extras.