SHIELD is a remarkable subtle energy tool for use in your everyday energy maintenance toolbox. It uses some very powerful archetypes for assisting you in getting rid of “funk”. You know, that stuff you pick up by just living and experiencing life itself. Yeah, funk….. It piles  up on you and leaves a debris field all over your aura and pretty soon your light starts to diminish. (this light I refer to is the exchange of energy you have between  you and your  oversoul/higher self, through your spiritual cord).What “funky” symptoms? You get depressed, lethargic, immobile. You become more susceptible to the influence of others: friends, media programming, magnetic fields and on and on and on…… It’s not that you’re out there looking for this “stuff” but you get slimed with it, dumped on, zapped, radiated…. just pick your favorite adjective…..

SHIELD USES 2 powerful sets of archetypes.. Each piece works with the others creating a synergistic effect ( the effect of is greater than their individual effects). When using SHIELD, all the power of the universe if focused along a selected pathway for maintaining focus ,  purpose, balance and harmony. This reconnects you to your own person divine blueprint, enabling you to regenerate this process indefinitely. This is all done, of course, through the vibrational frequency of the heart- readjusting the dna frequencies as it moves along.  Now, I have to say that is quite a mouthful……… But, if anyone asks you what it does, just tell them that it defunks you. It’s a defunkalator…. Everybody, sooner or later, feels funky. The Navigator will help you learn how to get back on your feet in no time flat! Just remember, it’s not if it will work, but when, So,,  for pete’s sake, don’t stop and stare at the thing waiting for things to happen. It’ll work, just give it time.

Summary: 3″x5″ handheld energy tool, Energy protection,Eliminates source of negativity, Cosmic Defunker, Rebuilds chakras  & energy centers, Repels Psychic Attack, Aura becomes “teflon coated”-nothing sticks to it, Repels Psychic Attack, Raises Consciousness