HARMONIZER is our completely 21st Century updated, upgraded Harmony Board of the future. It is a crystal cleaner among many other things…. Virtually anything with a crystalline composition will be cleaned cleared of unfavorable energies. The HARMONIZER  eats up lower energies like food. In fact, the more lower energies that have to be cleansed, the stronger the energy field becomes about the HARMONIZER.  If an object that is particularly vibrationally “dirty” is placed on a HARMONIZER, the temperature around the it rises and  warms up the room. The HARMONIZER DOES NOT HAVE TO BE CLEARED, IT ACTS LIKE A SELF CLEANING OVEN… AUTOMATICALLY CLEANING ITSELF AS IT CLEANS CRYSTALS. Every once in a while you might want to “treat” your HARMONIZER   to a little rest and relaxation by leaving it in the sunshine. Extensive testing and use of the HARMONY BOARD indicates that it works on the PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL,  MENTAL, AND SPIRITUAL LEVELS, converting lower unfavorable energies into fundamental energy, sending it back to other dimensions for reuse.

WHAT’S IT MADE OF? Each HARMONIZER contains a sealed imbedded design. There are no crystals, wires, magnets., batteries or power sources of any kind in the HARMONIZER. Hold it at eye level. Look at its side. You may feel light headed and dizzy… This is because the HARMONIZER creates a gateway to another dimension for dumping cleaned energy. The sensation you feel is to the energy around the portal itself, sensed through the third eye and crown chakras.

WHAT DOES IT FEEL LIKE? Most people feel a warmth or tingling like sensation when they physically stand, touch, or sit on a HARMONIZER, normally around the point of contact with the board.

SUMMARY: 3″X5″ handheld energy device, Works on physical, emotional,mental,spiritual bodies, Clears chakras, Consumes negative dross energies in aura, Raises Consciousness, Maintains focus, Reduces stress, Connects you to the “Galactic Core”