COZ” is a remarkable subtle energy tool for use in your everyday energy maintenance toolbox. It uses embedded archetypes  and ‘language of light equations” for assisting you in getting rid of “funk”. You know, that stuff you pick up by just living and experiencing life itself. Yeah, funk….. It piles  up on you and leaves a debris field all over your aura and pretty soon your light starts to diminish. (this light I refer to is the exchange of energy you have between  you and your  oversoul / higher self, through your spiritual cord).

What “funky” symptoms?You get depressed, lethargic, immobile. You become more susceptible to the influence of others: friends, media programming, magnetic fields and on and on and on…… It’s not that you’re out there looking for this “stuff” but you get slimed with it, dumped on, zapped, radiated…. just pick your favorite adjective….. The longterm downside to this experience is that you gradually believe that these symptoms and conditions actually pertain to YOU. You begin to believe that they are “your stuff” and are issues etc. you have to work on… WRONGAMUNDO! This is the clever little trick this “cosmic ash” plays on your mind. This way it (the consciousness of the ash) keeps its identity.
The wrong rabbit hole!Life gets interesting when you travel down this rabbit hole. You seek out healers, doctors etc. who, if not playing their “A” game for the day will miss this ruse and you’re no better off than before.  COZ  takes care of this, period. It not only gets rid of the symptoms but also the cords that attach them as well.
Hold COZ in either hand or carry on person. You can  place it on a photo or hair sample of your friend to “defunk” them from a distance. Place a glass of water on your COZ and it will change the water into a tonic/elixir for consumption. DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER!  COZ IS NOT WATERTIGHT!
If you are an energy practitioner you can use COZ on your clients by having them lie on it or  hold it in their hand during their energy session. Have your client sit or stand in front of  you. Slowly wave or move COZ over each of the chakra centers. The slow movement makes it easier for their body to accept the defunking.
In time, you will develop your own methods of using COZ . Enjoy and be creative.

SUMMARY: 3″X5″ handheld energy device, Clears your energy body of entities,dark forces, killer psychic forces, Contains light equations for cell activation, teaches your body’s energy system to eat up disease and imperfections, Deals with negative aspects of grey aliens, counteracts negative effects of junk foods, rebuilds hole and tears in aurs.