This is a BIG BOOK. I wish I had something like this 25 years ago, it would have helped, a lot….

Anyway, the ULTIMATE ENERGY BOOK is an anthology of 6 of our separate books: Numeronics, Rate Book #1,Alienz!,Clacking, Dowsing for Martians and One Force Blueprints. As a single reference book, you have everything you need in one place.

Now that’s convenient! The book describes, step by step, how to use hamonics and frequencies, remove cellular memory blockages,many different dowsing skills, and designs and instructions how to build energy devices that really work! Included with each book is a cd with the ebook vesion as backup.

If your counting pennies, consider this: if you bought all these books separately you would pay over $150 for this information.Anybody interested?

$80.00 + $11 shipping, $6.60 TX sales tax if applicable