Two Great books in One Great Package!”


  • Okay, okay, okay… Now we¹re looking for Martians, right? Nope. Here¹s a cute little book that explains to you the very basics of dowsing along with its many variations.
  • We realized that many of our products requires you to dowse or do some form of divination.
  • Well, a lot of you folks out there don¹t have a clue where to start. That¹s where DOWSING FOR MARTIANS comes in.
  • We figured nobody would even look at it… Besides, everybody remembers this title !


And now for the second book in this great package.

This work is a long overdue book based on my 20 years of clacking…. Lot’s of techniques and infomation here about the nature of cell memory and it effect on the body over incarnations.