The Transmatrix Hybrid is another of our evolutionary steps to improve some of our products.It is a fusion of both the Transmatrix 2920 and the Transmatrix 5376.This combination creates an energy product which is greater than the individual products.A little about each one:The Transmatrix  2920 is composed of many complex archetypes taken from our transducers T-1 thru Infinity. They have been laid out to form a grid which can be used by itself or with any of our other One Force Products.

Each transducer;s design acts like switch to be pressed for connecting to discreet levels of energy. Although the Transmatrix 2920 is a separate energy tool, apart from the transducers, it is a transducer unto itself. You might call it the Master Transducer…. We’ve used the T-2920 in conjunction with our other products and were amazed how well it boosted their effectiveness. The Transmatrix 5376 complex archetypes and includes all transducers ever made.Think of these two Transmatrixes as different levels of energy at different stages of development. The grid they form can be used by itself or with any other One Force Products.Just like it¹s predecessor, the Transmatrix 2920, the T-5376 is a composite of all available transducers to date. It is a transducer all by itself, yet you can lay other transducers on it to really blast off! Placing it on the body is also quite a trip as well as putting it beneath your bed, or harmony board. The archetypes in the design enable the T-5376 to tap into the unified field or hyperspace for doing some very progressive and deep energy work.