The Sacred Labyrinth 3928 combines the strengths of the ancient mystical Kabala and the Labyrinth, integrating them into a powerful & transformational tool.

This tool uses multiple layered energy archetypes (symbols) enabling you to access hyperspace.Hyperspace is beyond time and space, it is pure mind and is called the Unified Field by our scientists. The SL3928 has three parts:


  • 1) The top and bottom uses left and right spinning Labyrinth designs to draw in and focus energy, boosting the effects of the SL3928. If you place your hands over either labyrinth, you will feel the energy there ( this can be further verified by using a pendulum for testing the strength and spin of each one).
  • 2) On the sides of the SL 3928 are written the 72 names of God in ancient Hebrew. These are not actual names like Joe, Mary etc., but 72 three letter sequences which possess the ability to overcome the laws of nature and those of of human nature.These sequences plug you into the light of Hyperspace for use in the physical world. The 72 names have been considered ultra top secret since 70 B.C.We are now just beginning to understand the meaning and power of these 3 letter sequences which act as a bridge between worlds.
  • 3)Written between the 72 names of God is a sacred mantra/prayer. the Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth.This connects all your bodyís biorhythms with the rhythms of your OverSoul, so that all are operating as one… in perfect unity.This mantra aligns your spiritual & physical heart centers. If you already own any of our other One Force Products, you’ll be ready to REALLY rock & roll now….

Place the SL3928 on top of a Harmony Board and you’ll do some really serious housecleaning, bringing in even more light to assist you on the physical plane….. Place the SL3928 on top of your Merlynboard is like adding warp drive to your energy tool!

Remember all One Force products are compatible and work well with each other. You can mix & match different combinations in your energy work.